About Us

Manahil’s is a household name which is all about staying in fashion and being up to date. Established in 2001 the fashion powerhouse rose to fame because of their embroidered and embellished chiffon apparel. The intricately detailed embroidery on chiffon fabric are perfect for an evening attire whereas our luxurious embellishments are a must have for the stirring wedding season. Manahil’s embodies the spirit of festivity by introducing a new collection in every season and on every celebratory occasion. Our collections have been widely recognized across all cities of Pakistan. Our brand is indispensable for those who do not want to settle on the standards of quality and sophisticated embroidery. Our eastern wear has unique designs which are exclusive to Manahil’s, catering to the needs of our customers. Our productive design team works efficiently to make unique creations including hand stitching, classic and modern techniques. Our customers are our first priority and everything for them is timeless and beautiful. We at Manahil’s, are a true believer of Audrey Hepburn’s words, ‘Life is a party, dress like it.’